Thursday, May 10, 2012

With Spring Comes Motivation ... Hopefully!

Nothing gives me a motivational burst more than a blue sky, warm sunshine, a mid 50ish degree morning, and a cool breeze. Today it's not quite that warm yet, but yesterday morning was perfect, at least in my opinion. I went to work early with my garden gloves and shovel in my car. I was determined to transplant some of the hearty Iris' that were growing in abundance in the back of the parking lot. I was convinced they needed a new home, a place where they could thrive in the sunshine, have space to grow, and be admired every time someone walked into the church. Isn't it great when you can make all of these life-changing decisions on behalf of a plant? lol. Fortunately my co-worker agreed with me. We instantly went into action mode ... dug up and separated stalks of plants, found other areas that we felt were more deserving, dug holes, and transplanted them. Of course then we decided that they would have a much better chance with their relocation if we put fresh mulch down around them. Lucky for us there was still a big pile of it in the parking lot leftover from the weekend's spring clean up day. To finish off the day, it rained in the afternoon ... a good steady rain that lasted long enough to give the flower beds a good soaking. Isn't it amazing how God made sure they would have just what they needed to get settled in their new home?

What things give you that little burst of motivation that you need? Is it a hobby, a walk around the block, a trip to the library (that's one of my favorites), or a cup of tea with a friend?

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