Friday, April 6, 2012

What's your favorite school time memory?

It's been a week since my last post. No excuses here, just been REALLY busy. It's spring break for my teenager which you might think would give me some free time (parental math problem ... her schedule = my schedule). Not the case though. It's Holy Week which made for a busy week at work for me ... additional sscheduling ... Easter flower deliveries ... lots of worship bulletins, etc. This week though the weather has been decent, a few warmer days and a few chillier days ... but today is a nice one. Blue sky and sunshine go a long way in my book. Baseball opening day was yesterday and the Tigers won. As my Pastor (and boss) left the building in the afternoon he said 'It's nice that you have Christian music playing on your computer, but if I were you I'd turn the game on on the radio.' No one had to ask me twice. It's amazing how much work a person can accomplish in their last 2 hours of the work day if they're the only one left in the building, their office window is open with a cool breeze coming in AND the Detroit Tigers have a great bottom of the ninth on opening day at Comerica Park. Great way indeed to end my work week.

Today my daughter and husband took a break with me from our day's schedule and went to Good Friday worship. My teenager did one of the readings and did an awesome job. I still find it amazing to watch my daughter perform her music or do public speaking in front of people. She's poised and confident. Nothing like the old kindergarten days when she would clutch my hand so tightly that my knuckles turned white. Somewhere along the line she blossomed - I can't say exactly when it happened, maybe it was a gradual process, but in a lot of ways she definately isn't the little girl I remember.

Seeing all of the kids out of school this week had me thinking about my own childhood memories from elementary school. We used to do so many cool projects. I wonder if kids still do them today - especially since they don't involve computers or iphones. I used to love the science projects we would do that involved plants and seeds. We would put the lima bean inside a folded wet piece of brown paper toweling, put it in a sealed ziploc bag, then tape the bag to the classroom window. We always seemed to do the project on a Friday afternoon. We'd come back on Monday morning and I'd run to the window to discover that my seed had sprouted and was green. I WAS AMAZED!!!

What's one of your favorite childhood school memories? Something about recess? Something about getting Billy to shoot milk out of his nose during lunch? I told you one of mine, so you should tell me one of yours ... it's only fair.

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