Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New and Improved?

Ever notice how as soon as you get used to a service or a product, the company changes it? Here's an example .. remember when Facebook changed to their 'timeline' format? Some people I know loved it and many others did not. I suppose the biggest reason for many was because they weren't given a choice ... we were told that we had until a certain date to change our formats over on our own or on a given date it would be changed for us. I chose to change mine over, so I'm not actually sure if that threat ever happened or not.

It seems the concept of always changing things and claiming that the changes are 'new and improved' aren't always accurate. Change CAN be a good and productive thing ... some times, but when things change just for the reason of making a change is that always a good thing? I don't think so. I used to love my white leather Keds sneakers because they fit just right, I could wipe them off when they got dirty, AND I knew exactly what to expect. Then they 'tweaked' them. Why? There wasn't anything wrong with them. So why change them?

Another example ... I've used cleaning products before that I relied on. Then the company 'tweaked' them, changed the formula and the packaging, and called them 'new and improved'. Why? I don't know, but I do know that I don't like the products any more and won't use them now. Personally I think that every year or so many companies change their products (or 'tweak' them, since that seems to be my word of the day) only to keep their advertising and marketing departments busy. Sort of a 'job security' approach, I suppose.

All I know is that summer is almost here and I'm still searching for a new pair of sneakers that fit like my old Keds!

What do you think? What has changed in your life recently? Was it a good change or an unwelcome one?

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