Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Super Bowl Time

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Who cares about football? Well ... A LOT of people do. Some enjoy the football rivalries, some enjoy planning the food fests, some don't care for football BUT live for the commercials (at something like $1million for a 20 second spot, they should be awesome, right?), and some watch for the half time show.

Whatever your reasoning is today ... the camaraderie of friends with painted faces in your living room, the idea that for one evening your diet can be put on hold ... just enjoy the day. Football is right up there with baseball, apple pie, the American flag, well you get the idea.

Sit back, relax, wear your 'stretchy' pants, yell at the TV until you lose your voice, hope that there aren't any wardrobe malfunctions during half time, but most importantly ... just be part of the experience. The chores and the TO DO list will still be there tomorrow. Cut yourself some slack and GO GIANTS!!! (Sorry, if I have to pick I have to root for Eli Manning and the NY Giants.)

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