Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is it wrong to want to be a winner?

Here's a question for you? Is it wrong to want to be a winner? I know I have a competitive side ... I yell at high school football games (ok, maybe it's more like screaming), I want to win when I play cards, and trust me - you may not want to play miniature golf with me or shoot baskets at Dave & Busters (right Tim?). But sometimes, at least for me, winning isn't about beating someone else and being number one, it's more about wanting to be the best I can be at that given moment. Some would say it's a grey area, but I don't think so.

I recently entered an essay contest for Ford Warriors in Pink. The prize for the winners is pretty cool, I'll admit, but for me the prizes isn't what caught my attention. The contest is for breast cancer survivors. What caught my interest was the opportunity to share my story and hopefully provide hope to even one person. If I could do that I'd be thrilled.  Am I still hoping to be chosen as one of the winners? You bet I am, I'm only human, but what I'm really hoping for is the opportunity to talk to people and provide encouragement. Wish me luck, The deadline has passed and now it's just waiting for the announcement of the winners.

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