Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do you have the Post-Christmas blues?

Are you still feeling the excitement and adrenaline rush from the Christmas holiday? Or are you feeling out of sorts this week? If you're feeling a little sad or a bit let down right now - know that you are not alone. I've heard from several people that they're having a hard time with things. If you had to go back to work this week after enjoying some leisurely time off you probably didn't spring right out of bed when the alarm clock went off. If you've just gone back to school it might take you a day or two to get back into the routine of doing homework and meeting deadlines. It's no wonder that some of us feel this way, especially after all of the preparation and time that went into getting ready for and experiencing the holidays. We shopped, we wrapped, we baked, we cooked, we hosted gatherings, and we socialized ALOT with friends and family. Then the Christmas tree, with all it's lights and glimmer, got taken down and things got packed away. I, for one, love every part about Christmas - but there's a part of me that also likes order and getting things back to normal (especially when I get my end table and lamp back). Sounds petty, I know, but I'm being honest.

Now we just need to focus on moving forward. I like making New Year's resolutions and setting some goals for myself, but more important than that I feel a sense of excitement after the holidays. This week I feel very positive about so many things. My outlook is bright, my attitude is positive, and I'm excited about potential upcoming projects. I'm starting a new Bible study next week ... I'm excited about that. I'm going to be tweeking the layout of my blog ... I'm excited about that. I'm thinking of walking in a breast cancer 5K in May ... I'm excited about that. I have a new pair of shoes ... my feet are REALLY happy about that. And I have 'date night' with my husband tonight ... I'm excited about that.

What excites you right now? Do you have some ideas in mind of things you want to do?

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