Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are you a sponge?

It's been a few days since my last blog posting. Does that mean I've had nothing to write about? Actually, it's just the opposite. It's been a busy week, but then most of them are (for just about everyone). I've been busy at work, busy at home, busy as a parent, etc., etc. I'm not sure what I would do if I had to sit still. I had a broken ankle last year that kept me from driving for 5+ weeks, but my awesome husband drove me to and from work each day, and to the grocery store so I could drive a motorized cart and do my shopping. For some of us, slowing down can be quite difficult.

This past week involved a full work schedule, a new Bible study, my daughter's high school orchestra concert AND an orchestra festival, car repairs, grocery shopping, card night with friends, and even an evening out with the girls to play Bunco at church (that was something new and fun!). Not sure what it is about having a blank space on my calendar that makes me feel the urge to fill it ... quickly ... lol. Maybe I should seek therapy for that.. schedul-'itis' ... calendar-'osis'. Something to think about.

This week has been much of the same ... work ... Bible study homework ... car pool night for my daughter's symphony rehearsal ... my mom's birthday lunch ... a hair 're'-cut (that's a different story all together) ... getting our daughter packed for a winter youth retreat weekend ... oh and did I mention my daughter has had high school midterm exams all week?

With all the 'normal' stuff that goes on in my daily life be assured that I have been making numerous mental notes and observations for future blog entries. I love being around people and just watching. I'm like a sponge that just wants to soak everything in.

Question: What does your normal week look like? Do you make time for yourself? If you had 24 hours (or even 3 hours) to do anything you wanted 'what would it be?'


  1. I would soak in the tub with candles and a glass of wine and nice relaxing music..Ahhhh only a dream ha ha ha.No, it is get up and go to work, go do the shopping come home, clean, cook dinner maybe get 5 min on FB and e-mails, watch the news and go to bed.

  2. Hang in there 'Anonymous'. Sounds like you're a strong one and have a lot on your plate right now. No matter how busy you get though, just remember to take some time for yourself. Sometimes even 5 minutes on FB can remind you know that you're not in it alone.