Thursday, November 17, 2011

Did my ears just deceive me?

Yesterday I had a day off. So what did I do? I did something responsible and boring ... I got the oil changed in my van. Then I did something good and fun ... I went shopping to fill a child's gift bag for a Christmas outreach project. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the air was crisp. A picture perfect day for running errands and getting in and out of my minivan a dozen times.

One of my stops was a local department store that was having a 'pre' Black Friday sale. 40-50% off mostly everything in the store in addition to the discount cards customers had (ranging from 15-30%). Needless to say the lines were long and the customers were smiling. Well, most of them that is.

I absolutely love Christmas time. I love the music. I love the decorations. I love the twinkling lights. And I love the spirit. I was basically finished picking up the stuffed lion and matching 'CARS' red hat and gloves that I went there for, but couldn't help myself. I had to take one last detour to the area with the Christmas trees and ornaments (yes ... I said 'Christmas' trees ... not 'holiday' trees, but I'll save that subject for another blog entry). Generally when one is shopping during the holidays and in the crowds, you're bound to hear the cry or whine of an overheated, overtired, overwrought toddler; not to mentioned the overstressed parent who will eventually say 'We're almost done sweetie, then we'll get you that Happy Meal at McDonald's.' But yesterday I heard something different.

As I was walking along intensely studying the vast array of sparkly ornaments I heard the following conversation.

'I don't know why I brought you with me today. All you've done is whine and complain.' (voice #1)

'You always ignore me!' (voice #2)

'You're being a pain. You're being cranky and rude.' (voice #1)
'I didn't want to come with you anyway!' (voice #2)

'Next time you're staying home and I'm going shopping by myself. You totally ruin the shopping experience.' (voice #1)

'Fine!' (voice #2)

'Fine!' (voice #1)

When you're in a situation like this where a LOUD conversation is taking place just ten feet away from you, it's difficult to ignore. You try not to look or make eye contact of any kind, but there comes a point when you just can't help yourself. You feel like there's a soap opera playing on the TV in the next room and find yourself peering carefully around the lit up display to see 'who' is making such a fuss. I admit I was a bit taken back when I saw that the voice #2 belonged to a young 20-something year old girl who was so busy texting while walking and talking that she wouldn't even look her mother in the eye. All I can say is 'Yikes'. I hope they can patch things up before the holidays get here or it's going to be a really cold month of December.

So, as the holidays draw nearer please be patient with your family, be patient with your fellow shoppers, be patient with the store employees, be patient with any drivers out on the crowded roads and remember to smile and say 'Merry Christmas.'

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  1. I have heard this type of conversations also. It does make me uncomfortable when I experience that. Sad isn't it. Wonder if the mom needs to be more of a parent and tell her to put the phone away. All i know is i would not have that type of conversation in public. L et's hope you don't have that happen again.