Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you read ahead?

Do you tend to read ahead? Are you an overachiever? Do you wait til the last minute to do something or are you always prepared? Do you arrive at your appointments early or late? These are all good questions. I'm sure if we were to be totally honest with ourselves we'd discover that the answers to these questions and others would probably paint a great picture of what our personalities are really like.

So why am I asking about whether or not you read ahead? My husband and I meet once a month with members of our small group at church. There were times in the beginning of our group when one member would always read ahead in their bible. That was great for them, but when it came time to participate in our discussion she'd forget whether the comment she had was based on something we had all read or something she'd discovered when she had read ahead. It confused her and us alike. It became an ongoing chuckle. Now our group is reading a book called 'Heaven is for Real'. It's not a long book and it's a really easy read. As a group we decided to break the book down into 4 sections of 7 chapters each. Our group only gets together once a month and we begin our nights with dinner and socializing. We have plenty of those 'ooh squirrel' moments where we get sidetracked talking about other topics ... we always have great discussion, but it often takes a concentrated effort to get us back on track and back to the book discussion. The problem with the current book is that it is a good book, it's well written, and very easy to get ahead of yourself and read right past your bookmark. Some might say, 'Then why not just read the whole book at once and then discuss it?' Excellent question ... one that we've asked ourselves on more than one occasion. I guess we just get so sidetracked with socializing and catching up on everything from the previous month, that if we actually discussed the whole book on one night ... well we'd probably close down the restaurant or miss our bedtime or 'well I just don't know what would happen'. Guess it's just too complex of a question for us to answer.

So I'll just end things with 'Do you read ahead?' and if you do 'How do you deal with it?'

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