Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's new in your world?

It's been damp and rainy for a few days now. Enough already!

On a more positive note ... I got an email today from Bordine's (a local nursery) reminding me that Spring is just around the corner and the Shamrocks are blooming for next week. St. Patrick's Day is just a week away which always gets me in the psychological groove that warmer temperatures really will be coming sooner rather than later. There's also the fact that I am Irish and will be wearing my favorite shade of kelly green. I don't care much for the corned beef and cabbage, but the rest of it I am on board for.

I don't really have any inspirational or exciting things to share with anyone today, but felt like writing nonetheless. And that's o.k.

Life has been pretty busy as a whole lately. School orchestra festival & music lessons for my daughter, card playing with friends, meetings to attend, TO DO lists to tackle ... the list could go on and on. But today (in spite of the mass amounts of gray outside my window) I found myself thinking about spring and working in my garden. Also trying to think of how I could expand my flower garden this summer. We have a few spruce trees in the back corner of my back yard that I'd love to take down and replace with perennials, but I'm not gonna hold my breath for that one to happen. I wonder ... would my husband really chain himself to the trees to save them? Hmmm?

If the gray skies and remaining snow mounds are getting to you, just hang in there and know that this time next month we should be packing our winter coats away.

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