Monday, August 17, 2009

My View On The 'Julie-Julia' Project

I took a break this weekend from my chaotic schedule and went to a movie with my nieces … it’s was a ‘girls only’ kind of thing. Not something I do very often … not just the ‘girls only’ part, but also the ‘going to a movie’ part. Going to a movie seems to be something I do once - maybe twice a year. I sure hope I haven’t met this year’s quota already.

We went to see ‘Julie-Julia’ starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. The movie is a true story about a Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep) and a writer (Amy Adams) who decides to cook every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook within the course of a year. It was something like 524 recipes in 365 days (but don’t quote me). Quite a challenge … she decides to not only cook every recipe, but also to write a daily blog about the experience. I got the gist that she felt like she’d never really been able to complete a project and was perhaps in a rut. Her husband kindly reminded her that she had previously written half of a novel, to which she replied “Until you’re actually published, you’re not really a writer.” That’s a real sad way to look at it, isn’t it? Kind of a ‘is the glass is half empty?’ approach, don’t you think? Her husband explained that that was the beauty of a blog. You can write whatever you want, whenever you want, and lots of different people can read your stuff and comment. It doesn’t really matter if you’re published or not (although I’m sure it’s nice).

Perhaps because I love watching the Food Network Channel or because I recently started my ‘Insights are Blooming’ blog – but I felt a very REAL connection to Amy Adams’ character in this movie. Someone asked her at one point why she even wanted to write the blog, especially for complete strangers. To which she replied ‘because it’s like a regiment … something you have to commit yourself to.’ Maybe strangers wouldn’t know or even care if she didn’t finish it, but she would … and that’s what really mattered.

So in spite of the fact that this is only my second blog entry to date I’m going to stay focused and keep plugging away. I guess, at least in my mind that will make me a WRITER. So stay tuned … I have LOTS to share.

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