Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pet Project: DIY Hanging Basket Kit

The time has come to share my 'pet project'. Many of you know I have a love for flowers; the multitude of colors, the shapes, the sizes, and the endless combinations. There are so many gardens out there to enjoy; so many better than mine. They inspire me, they make me feel creative, they lift my spirits, and they give me hope.

My blog has always been conversational; the kinds of posts I share come from my heart. I write as if we were talking across the kitchen table; sharing insights and ideas while maybe snacking on a plate of home-baked cookies and fresh iced tea. I don't usually advertise or promote on my blog unless it is something I really believe in and have tried myself.

A while back I wrote a teaser review on a sample flower from Proven Winners
Direct. It was a hit, so I was willing to expand with a bigger review. A few weeks ago Proven Winners Direct mailed me a DIY Hanging Basket Kit. I was so excited when the big box was delivered to my front porch on June 23rd; I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

Everything I needed was packed neatly and securely in the box (absolutely nothing was damaged in any way); the basket, the sturdy hanger, the exact amount of potting soil I would need, the packet of Premium Continuous Release Plant Food, six Proven Winners annuals, and a simple diagram with easy to follow instructions.

I carefully laid everything out and took a quick inventory.  The planting process was a piece of cake. I grabbed my favorite orange garden gloves (always a bright color so I can find them when I leave them behind) and my hand shovel and in under 15 minutes I was done! I even had a little friend stop by to watch.

Ready to get started ...
A great combination of colors!

He stops by quite often.

Just about finished.
I initially hung the hanging basket on a shepherd's hook, but after a lot of growth in just 2 1/2 short weeks my shepherd's hook started to lean and bend. That was okay. I found an easy solution and a better way to properly showcase my 'pet project'.

A good friend gave me a portable small white table. It was perfect! I easily removed the metal hanger and moved my new plant to a better location. IT IS THRIVING!! I think it likes the new location. You know what they say; LOCATION ... LOCATION ... LOCATION.

TA DA !!!

Want in on the summer fun? It's easy! Proven Winners Direct by Four Star Greenhouses, Inc. wants to offer you a chance to enjoy their premium DIY Hanging Basket Kits at a discount.

Your unique discount code is SEASONPWDIY.

Use this code when ordering from

The code will be live from 7/18/16 to 8/1/16.

Now go out there, plant some color, and enjoy! If I can do it - so can you.

I received this free product from Proven Winners Direct.

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