Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just Because

I know I am always talking about responsibilities, To Do lists, and how to try and keep a healthy balance in today's hectic world. Here is my answer is a nutshell ... do something 'just because'. Because it will make you smile, it will remind you of a happier time, or because for a moment  it will make you feel good about yourself.
So what should you do? That depends on you. What helps you to de-stress? What makes your heart sing with joy? It could be different for everyone. Maybe the next time you're home alone you need to pop your favorite CD in and dance and sing around the room like no one is watching, but guess what? If, by chance, someone rings the doorbell and happens to see or hear you, they'll probably be jealous - so sing loud and proud. Maybe you need to go for a bike ride and if you just happen to end up at the DQ or 7-11, treat yourself; you'll work it off on the ride back home. Maybe you need to splurge and take 45 minutes to sit on your patio and read a book. If you have to blow the dust off the book jacket first, that's okay. I promise not to judge (or tell since it's happened to me several times).
What would you do 'just because' if you could or simply if you allowed yourself to? I'm making time to go to one of my favorite places this week; an afternoon at the public library. I'll find my quiet table by a window that overlooks the statues and the garden and I'll most definitely be in my happy place. I'll surf the Internet, I'll play a game or two, I'll blog (I have a review to write about flowers), I'll read someone else's blog, I'll send out some emails, and I'll relax. I cannot wait; it's been way too long.
Take today to think about it and then let me know what you're going to do in the 72 hours 'just because'. I know life is crazy and busy and sometimes all about schedules, but in the case I'm giving you a deadline. 72 hours ... okay, now go! I want to hear back from you.

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