Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are You REALLY Too Busy?

How many times have you reached out to make plans with someone and been told, 'I'm sorry, I'm just so busy right now.'? Then you ponder through Facebook posts and see comments and photos of that other person doing something or going somewhere with someone else. So, they were too busy for you, but not too busy to 'check in' at a local restaurant?
I get it. We all have lots of family, friends, and acquaintances. We all have a lot of responsibilities and only so many hours in a day. The next time you turn someone down on an invitation ask yourself this, 'Am I REALLY too busy or am I just not that interested?' OR 'Am I taking this person for granted; after all their time is just as valuable as mine?' Sometimes it's better to be truthful and find a nice way to say it, than to continually put people off for no other reason than 'I'm so busy right now.' Because as long as we're being honest you obviously found time to do the other things you wanted to do. I guess it all comes down to choices and making your priority list. IF you truly value a person's time and friendship you will find a way to fit them into your schedule, after all you manage to fit the 'other stuff' in. I guarantee someone would rather hear, 'I can't do lunch next week, but how about we meet up for a cup of coffee instead?'
People are unique, they're funny, they're giving, they're compassionate, and surprisingly they have feelings too. If you're only available for certain people when it's convenient for you, then it's more of a YOU issue than a THEM issue. You are the one that is valuing your own time more than other people's. You are the one who, for some reason, seems to think your feelings and schedules are the only ones that matter. You are the one who needs to take a closer look at what is really important. When you finally take the time to look deep inside and figure some of that out, don't be surprised if you've pushed a few people away in the process. Don't be shocked when you finally make the time to call them and ask to make plans if they say, 'I'm sorry, but I'm so busy right now.'

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