Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm Waiting For A NEW Kind Of Award Show

After a weekend of star-studded Oscar media I have to ask myself, 'Why do we really care about who wore whose gown and who had what to say?' At what point did we put actors and actresses, directors and producers on such high pedestals? Don't get me wrong I think it's great when a salesman receives an achievement award for having the highest sales, because chances are HE worked his behind off getting the sales. But when a salesman walks forward at his annual meeting to receive his award he shakes hands with the presenter and says 'thank you'. He doesn't start telling us about his personal views of the world's problems, the effects of global warming, the presidential race, and what color skin the award winners do or do not have. No, instead he simply says 'thank you for acknowledging my hard work' (IF he says anything at all).
Now, let's be clear. I have absolutely nothing against the movie industry; I did make it to see one movie in 2015 and I do like the occasional fashion show. I also enjoy Girl Scout cookies; although I'm still sad that they discontinued the square shortbread cookies with chocolate on one side and zoo animals on the other - but that could be a topic for another blog post.
I realize that when a person's profession puts them in the spotlight certain responsibilities come with that light; setting a good example for instance because people may be looking up to them. This goes for athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, etc. But that presents another question, 'Why do we idolize people we don't know, people we'll most likely never meet, and people who basically will never have any direct effect on our lives?' They'll never know me or anything about me. I'm not going to have coffee with them at the local hot spot next week to discuss life strategies, so why should I hang on their every word?' How do I know that what they're saying in their acceptance speech wasn't just another script they memorized for when they were in the spotlight? If I'm going to listen to them I want them to be real ... no glitz, no glamour, no cameras, no spotlights ... I want them to sit across the table from me with their sleeves rolled up and tell me what's REALLY on their mind. I want them to be relatable.
What do I really want? I want there to be recognition for the firefighter that just pulled an elderly man out of a burning house. I want our military troops to receive the respect they deserve for putting their lives on the line every day so that you and I have the freedoms to go after our dreams and perhaps take a night off and go to an occasional movie for relaxation and pure entertainment. I want an award show that shares inspiring stories of REAL people doing good deeds. I want the average person to be recognized for being the best teacher, or police man, or hairdresser, or waitress, or realtor, or secretary, or student, or volunteer, or grandparent they know how to be. I guarantee THESE people are changing people's lives in some very real ways.
Who would you like to see recognized and why? I may not have the ability to run a nationally televised award show, but I do have a blog that real people read. I encourage you to make your voice heard. Who can we recognize today?

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