Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's Ok To Step Out Of Your Box

People talk about wanting to stay within their comfort zones. Yet, pastors will talk about trying to get us out of our comfort zones. Pro or con; everyone has an opinion. I think it's a natural tendency to want to stay where we're comfortable, do the things we know we're already good at, and not try to rock the boat. But, truth be told, sometimes rocking the boat or even stepping out over the line (even if by one small step) can be good. It can be enlightening, it can be scary, and it can also be rewarding.

We do the things we're comfortable with because we already know what to do and how to do it. There are generally no surprises. That's the way many people prefer it. We face enough uncertainties in our lives without purposely stirring the pot to make unnecessary waves. We want things to be stable and safe (and perhaps even predictable). But if we always protect ourselves from the unknown possibilities we could totally miss out on some pretty awesome and amazing stuff.

Many of you may know by now (since I haven't been shy about sharing) that I recently entered a new chapter in my life; the life of grandma-hood. It's a wonderful place; a place 9 years ago when I was fighting cancer I didn't know I'd ever get to - BUT I did. This week I'm spending some one-on-one time with my granddaughter. I'll admit I was a little nervous; being solely responsible once again for a dependent infant. I have 2 adult children that survived my care, but was I ready, equipped, and prepared for this? One look into my granddaughter's eyes and feeling her smooth skin and listening to her soft breaths told me 'I could do this'. It's amazing how you can fall in love for 9 months with someone you've never met and then instantly feel a connection once you meet.

What if I hadn't been willing to cross that line or rock the boat or make those waves? Imagine what I would have missed out on this week. I know in my heart and in my head that God will not let me down. He never gives me more to handle than He knows I can. I hold on to that whenever I have a case of the nerves, or the butterflies in my stomach, the fear that I might let someone down, or that I may fail at something and look awkward and embarrassed. Whether it's a relationship issue, a parenting issue, or a work issue ... I will take that chance if I'm striving for something I believe in and feel is worth the effort and time and sometimes even stress.

Where are the walls of your comfort zone? Were you the one that put them there? What's keeping you from wanting to climb over them?

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