Monday, April 6, 2015

Who's Your Forever Friend?

There are many types of people in this world; many you would either consider to be your friends or perhaps your enemies. Hopefully, though, none of us have too many enemies. So let's begin the week right and focus on friends. 

There are those friends who are more of a mere acquaintance; those you can always count on to give you a smile or to say hello when you bump into them in a store.

There are the lifelong friends; those who you've known since grade school or junior high. You grew up together, ate your school lunches together, attended each other's birthday party sleepovers, and shared secrets with.

There are the wanna-be friends; the ones who conveniently want to be your friend when it suits them or they seem to need something.

There are the 'best' friends; maybe your child or your spouse. You can count on them for support and encouragement, for laughter, to help you dry your tears, and always  ... for their honesty.

There are your seasonal friends; those who go through different seasons in their lives (or perhaps they're your seasons) and your friendship tends to fit in (or not fit in) once the seasons have changed.

Then there are 'forever' friends. I heard someone make a statement about those recently and it made me stop and wonder. Exactly what would be the definition of a forever friend? Someone you've created a special bond with? Someone you feel really comfortable talking to? Someone you think brings out the best in you? Someone whom you have a 2-way relationship with; you're there for them and vice versa? The person who you know you can call anytime about anything and you'll never feel like you inconvenienced them?

How many of us have ever truly had a 'forever' friend? Is it something we strive for? Is it someone who is already in our corner and we haven't quite grasped the depth of the friendship?

Maybe it's a good time to take a friendship inventory of sorts. What kinds of friends do you currently have? What kind of friend are you? Where would you like to see yourself and what do you need to do to get there? Who do you want to be there with you?

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