Monday, February 16, 2015

Will You Get Your Paczki?

Have you jumped on the Paczki band wagon yet? Growing up I had never even heard of a Paczki. It wasn't until I was engaged to be married that  I was introduced to the bakery phenomenon. I'm not of a Polish decent so I didn't know what the importance or hype or flavor possibilities could even be. That was 32+ years ago. Have I jumped on the proverbial bakery wagon? That depends; I've probably had four of them in my entire lifetime ... but, truth be told, all four were an experience to remember. My fourth Paczki was just this morning when a church member dropped off a fresh box for the morning staff meeting. Thanks Judy!

I'm not one for ooey, gooey fruit fillings so I've always gone with the custard or creme. If calories are not to be spoken of, then I may as well go for the dessert for breakfast approach. Everyone will have an opinion of whether they are great or not-so-great and everyone needs to determine their own limit. For me, it is definitely only one, but I have seen people down four or five in one sitting. NOT something I could or would do, but I'm not one to judge. If you can do it, then go for it - you only live once. You may as well enjoy the ride and the special glazed doughnut perfections.

Are you on board? Will you have your Paczki tomorrow on Fat Tuesday? What's your favorite flavor?

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