Friday, February 13, 2015

Do You Hold Back?

Have you ever wished you could say or do EXACTLY what you wanted? I'm sure if we gave ourselves that freedom, some of us could easily get ourselves into trouble. They say we should think twice and speak once; probably good advice. IF in some situations, brought on my anger or frustration, we said the first thing that came to mind it could potentially make things worse. But let's say we're talking about those minor inconveniences, the ones that tend to make our blood boil or the little hairs on the back of our necks stick out.

Have you ever been driving in traffic and things were congested and moving slow and you REALLY needed to get some where so you wouldn't be late? Did you ever wish you could 'hover'? You know ... like the space age cars in the old cartoon 'The Jetsons? How cool would that be? You could cruise right along, miss all the pot holes, and glide right above the stop lights.

Maybe you've always had the inner desire to pull someone over and make a citizen's arrest because they didn't use a turn signal when switching lanes multiple times or they insisted on throwing their trash and cigarette butts out the car window. I've noticed a pattern that I tend to complain often about non-courteous drivers; sorry if that offends anyone. Sometimes I sincerely wish I could say out loud what was going through my head, but in today's day and age we need to be careful. You never know when someone's going to stop and pull out a gun because you honked at them. So ... we grin and bear it. It's sometimes safer that way.

Maybe people's lack of sincerity and follow-through bother you. The people who don't finish the job, or disregard deadlines, or walk through life with a haphazard attitude.

Oh, if I could only tell people what I actually thought, my shoulders would probably lower 2" all by themselves, but that's what keeps my massage therapist in business. (lol)

There's a book that suggests we shouldn't sweat the small stuff, but then who gets to define which issues are big or which ones are small? I'm sure everyone has their own unique and personal list.

So, here's my question of the day:
Which do you do better? Grin and bear it? Or not hold back? Good or bad, have you ever gotten yourself in a situation where you wished you had re-do? Perhaps said something you later regretted?

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