Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's All About Choices

According to a recent TV commercial there's a theory that people always make bad choices in horror movies. 

> They make their getaway by running through the cemetery at night.

> Instead of choosing someplace safe they hide in the barn where all the shiny, sharp objects are hanging from the rafters.

I will even go one further and say they usually answer the door ... when it's dark, they're alone, and the phones aren't working. Seriously? Don't forget the ominous music and the creaky door. We all know it's that time of year ... Halloween is just around the corner ... time for the fright movies and even the Halloween Wars on the Food Network channel.

So, Halloween aside, how confident are you with the real-life choices you make?
  • Do you text & drive or even drink & drive?
  • Do you honor your marriage vows and stay faithful to your spouse?
  • Do you lie to get ahead at work?
  • Do you cheat on your income taxes?
  • Do you gossip with your friends ... OR about your friends?
  • If your restaurant bill is lower than it should be, do you let your waitress know or consider it a gift?
There are endless choices that we are forced to make every day. It can be daunting when you stop and think about it, but think about the fact that every single choice you make today is a puzzle piece to your future. You may not think it'll matter, but in the end it will.

Take the time today to think your choices through. Think of the possible outcomes or consequences. It could be worth the extra few minutes or even seconds to determine if your choice will get you into proverbial trouble like those in the seasonal horror movies.

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