Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where Would You Go?

Lately I've thinking about vacations ... about where I would most like to go if time, money, and responsibilities weren't an issue. Are you the kind who would want to go where all the people and excitement are (NYC or Las Vegas) or would you want to go somewhere quiet and calm (a cabin, perhaps the beach)? Travel planners must love it when someone walks into their office and says, "I don't really know where I want to go or what I want to do, I just want to get away."
Some people are more prone to relax near the water and the sunshine, while others might prefer skiing and the snow capped slopes. Some love horseback riding and walks through some of nature's best trails, while others might prefer culture, fine dining and museums.

I suppose the first thing to consider is what do you hope to achieve with your vacation. Are you hoping to sit back and relax or are you full of energy and looking for lots of activities? Do you want solitude or crowds? Do you want to be able to drive to your destination or are you a jetsetter and looking for the fastest and most direct route to get there?

Have you already gone on your absolute dream vacation, and if so where did you go? Or are you still planning it? I just booked a B&B weekend getaway for my daughter and I before she goes back to college. It was a tough decision. Do we try to pack as much into 2.5 days as possible or do we go with the flow knowing that there are plenty of options once we get there and we can decide when the time comes? We chose the latter. Some rest, some relaxation, good food, fresh air, plenty of bike paths and things to see, antique shops and quilt gardens, and don't forget the fresh brewed iced tea out on the porch swing. Can you tell I'm excited?
So what does your summer look like? Any big plans on the horizon? This summer may not be your big dream vacation, but it'll come - I'm still holding on to my dream(s). I have a few special destinations in mind ... the East Coast in the fall, Colorado in the summer, and I'd still like to make the journey to Hawaii. Bon Voyage!

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