Saturday, February 1, 2014

Headlines: Do You Wish You Could Write Your Own?

Everyday we are bombarded with headlines; in the newspapers, in magazines, on electronic billboards, online, and on Facebook. Headlines can be tricky. They should be direct, catchy, and give you an immediate glimpse to the content. Often headlines can be misleading. They may tell you what the author wants you to think, but not necessarily the whole story or even the true story. Headlines try to draw the reader in with only a few select words. Headlines often determine whether or not the reader will even read the story.

In the last few days there have been a lot of unsettling headlines (and some useless ones in Justin Bieber's case) ... 'Body Parts Found in Trash Bags', 'Should Justin Bieber be Deported?', '6-8 Inches of Snow Expected', and 'Winter Olympics Unsafe for Athletes'. Then there are the interesting headlines like 'Chuck Gaidica Makes Big Announcement'. It's not as often that we hear about the good stuff, the people who have overcome obstacles, or the ones that make a real difference ... not unless the story can be told with a twist ... something that draws the reader in. It's a shame really, those are usually the really good stories because they're about real people. Guess that's why I enjoy blogging so much. I get to write about what I'd like to read about ... the inspiring stuff, the stuff that hopefully is relatable and makes a difference.

If you could write your own headline what would it say? What would you want to convey? Would it say, 'Young Couple Goes Into Debt To Buy Big House', 'Teenage Driver Texts While Driving', or 'Retired Couple Set To Travel The World', 'Local Guy Lands Dream Job', or 'Young Mom Beats Cancer For Second Time'? We all have highs and lows. Do we want to share that we want to be successful or that we want to be significant and make a difference? The headline is all yours and you get to write it. What will yours say?

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