Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It Really Is A Small World

This has been a crazy busy week so far and it's only Wednesday. There've been stressful moments, chaotic moments, fun moments, and some entertaining ones too. There have been some late nights and some early mornings. My TO DO list seems to need a second page. Yesterday and today, though, I broke up the usual routine by adding in some fun things.

Last night I attended the Launch Party for the Macomb Regional Community Media Lab hosted by the Macomb Daily among others. They had a great turnout of nearly 140. I felt honored to be on the invitation list. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony, a display of local art, and several conversations with local journalists. The Media Lab is a wonderful new addition to our community and provides a variety of technological and journalistic support to area residents. No need to be a professional journalist, they are there to provide instruction and support to us all (which is great to hear for us novices). While meandering my way through the buffet line I met a woman and we chatted. She read about the opening in the newspaper and thought it would be a great opportunity to see what they had to offer. Throughout the course of our conversation we talked about her desire to possibly start a blog, about my existing blog, and about her passion as a master gardener. By the end of conversation we'd discovered that she belonged to a garden club run by a lady from my church whom I had written an article about in our church newsletter. We then talked about gardening and slowing down as we get older. She mentioned that one of the ladies in the garden club had recently hired a young college student to help her out in her garden. Ironically that young student is my daughter, Emily. It really is a small world.

Tonight we all attended a garden walk at the home of the lady from my church. She met my daughter and I met her husband. We were each introduced as the 'woman I met last night at the Launch Party'. Pretty ironic that out of the 140+ people in attendance last night we would meet each other.
The whole experience was just another reminder that even though the world is big, it really is small. When was the last time you had a chance meeting like this?

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