Monday, July 29, 2013

Don't Pre-Judge A Monday ...

Do you ever categorize your days of the week? Mondays are long and difficult to get through, Wednesdays are a camel's favorite day (hump day), Friday's motto is TGIF, and Sunday is hopefully a day of rest.

Today is Monday and it feels like a Monday in every possible way. Nothing happened that I didn't expect; a ton of emails to follow up on from the weekend, a couple dozen phone calls to deal with, and was a bit sleepy in the morning due to not enough sleep last night. Sometimes I think we set ourselves up for Mondays. We expect it to be a long day, so our attitude adjusts accordingly. I woke up this morning in anticipation of a BUSY day, so I wore sneakers to work. No one was going to see what was on my feet from behind my desk, but it certainly made me feel better. Do whatever it takes to get you through the day. Maybe splurge on something good for lunch, although mine was leftovers today.

Alter your Monday attitude by planning something fun for the evening. That's what I did. Tonight I'm having a potluck dinner with a group of friends. We'll have a good home-cooked meal and some great conversation. It will definitely be my self-reward for getting through my busy Monday. What are your plans?

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