Monday, May 20, 2013

Would a map be helpful?

In my last entry I talked about changes being on the horizon ... at least on 'my' horizon. While that particular topic is still on my mind, now I'm thinking about maps. 'Maps?' you ask? Yes, maps.

Recently I was in a Target store near my house that is apparently going through a transformation to become a Target Superstore. Woohoo! (I think.) I walked into the store with my list in hand and literally stopped dead in my tracks half way between the beauty products and the children's clothing. There was an aisle of pet food and supplies. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against pets, especially my neighbor's dog, Ruby. But THAT aisle used to be the greeting cards. I was overwhelmed and I suddenly found myself lost. Not a good feeling for anyone. Obviously change is underway, but do you ever feel like a road map would helpful? We all need a little direction sometimes, something to make our journey a little easier, a little less overwhelming, and a little less stressful.

I know for a fact that people deal with change and stress differently; some let change wash off their back like water and others feel like it's suddenly created a 50# weight of baggage on their shoulders. Trust me, either way that you react means that you're normal AND not alone.

What changes have you gone through lately that made you feel alone and overwhelmed? Did you think a map or directions would have helped?

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