Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amazing How Words Tie Together

I can't believe that the month of October is nearly over. It seems to be flying right by, at least for me. I was thinking about this blog yesterday and realized it had been 3 weeks since my last entry. I think the longest I had ever gone was 2 weeks. Trust me when I say it certainly isn't because I have nothing on my mind or nothing to say. Guess I just need to fall back on the old standby excuse that I was busy, but then who isn't?

Lately I've been caught up in busy schedules, mile long TO DO lists (all of my own making I'm sure), some physical therapy, the Tigers going to the World Series, and the election debates.

So what's on my mind today you ask (I'm sure you're just dying to know Let's see ... I've written blog entrys before about the value of a single word, how much impact they can have, how they can support people and at the same time tear people down. I've talked about how we need to be responsible with our words and learn to use them wisely. Today I want to write about how cool it is that words are often connected in ways we don't even realize. The other night I was helping my daughter memorize lines from Hamlet for her AP English class. Of course I really couldn't come up with a good reason for her when she asked me WHY she had to memorize 10 lines and recite them in front of her class. Reciting lines has never been one of her favorite things to do. The observation I came up with was how 'connecting' words could help her with her task. In Hamlet's case the ending words of a sentence often rhymed, making it easier to connect and lead into the next sentence.

Last night I heard a commercial where they used words to connect thoughts ... not rhyming words this time, but in a different way. Here is an example:

Words can create peacemaking ... it'll give you peace of mind.
Remember to mind your manners ... it's all in a manner of speaking.
Speaking of work ... you look very hard at work ...
because you work for living.
Just be sure that you're not living on the edge ...
unless you're on the edge of your seat.

I could go on, it's kind of like one of those brain games that's supposed to stimulate your mind. What do you think? Can you create an example like the one above? See of you can tell us something about you in just a few quick fun sentences.

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