Monday, June 18, 2012

Do you throw the fish back?

I read a story the other day that I found intriguing ... about two guys who would go fishing together. Whenever one of the men would catch a 'larger' fish he would look at it closely and then throw it back into the lake. After doing this several times the other man finally asked him, 'Why do you do that?' The first man replied, 'Well, I only have a very small frying pan in which to cook them.'

This is a great story ... not just for its simplicity, but also for its comparison value.

Do you limit yourself by your present situation or do you allow yourself to dream and to imagine the life that you desire to live? Think of it this way: Five years from now, if there were no obstacles in your path, what big dream or journey would you be actively pursuing? If your potential were unlimited, what would you be doing with your life? Would you be going back to school to finish a degree? Would you be retired and coaching your grandson's Little League team? Would you be traveling the world and seeing some of the things you always wanted to see? Would you be writing a book or perhaps starting a business of your own?

I remember when my husband and I were much younger we would try to plan our future and determine that when we had a certain amount of money saved and in the bank, we would start our family. Little things like 'life' pop up and often altar your plans. We finally put our faith in God and decided after a few years that we would go ahead and start our family, and guess what happened? We didn't have absolutely everything in place, but everything worked out anyway.

My question to you today is what dream or personal journey are you postponing for 'someday'? Exactly what is standing in your way? If you're waiting for the stars to all be perfectly aligned, you may be waiting for a very long time. I know I certainly find myself in this category too. I'm sure many of us, if we're completely honest, put things off. The bigger question would be are we putting things off for justifiable reasons or are we just scared and afraid of perhaps failing? There's an old saying that says 'you can't fail at something if you never tried to begin with.' Maybe we should go ahead, be brave, support each other, not be afraid of failing, and JUST GO FOR IT. What do you think? What's your dream?

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