Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are you having trouble finding your voice?

I read something the other day that talked about blogging. Someone asked an established blogger how he could find his 'writing voice'. The blogger replied, "Just write." Sounds simple right? Yes and no. The writer in question thought that he needed to have everything completely figured out first BEFORE he could actually set his thoughts to words. I understand where he was coming from. I've been there. I've often thought that unless I was a 'paid' writer, then I couldn't possibly write a blog. Well guess what? I've finally gotten past that stereotype. I write for the pure enjoyment it gives me. I write because I enjoy hearing responses and feedback from readers. I write because I want people to think about different things (whether those things are serious, funny or trivial doesn't matter).

The truth of the matter is your 'voice' will only materialize when you actually start using it.

Do you have a dream of being a master gardener, but don't have a fully developed landscape drawing set to paper? Who cares? Find your gardener's voice ... scatter some seeds and see what happens. You can tweak your garden when the seeds start to grow. Half of the fun is being surprised (I know that comment sounds strange coming from a control person like me, but I love gardening).

Do you have the makings of being a leader? Find your leader's voice and start a small group (of any guide).

Deep down do you want to be a chef? Then find your cooking voice and start trying out some new recipes. I'm sure your friends and family would love to be your guinea pigs to help you get started.

Do you want to find a new fulfilling career? Doesn't matter if you're a new college graduate or if  you're just ready for a change. Find your ambitious voice and start applying for some new jobs. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do you want to be an artist? Then find your painting voice. Pick up a brush and just attack the canvas. You may be surprised at the outcome.

My question to you - what is your inner voice telling you to do and how can we help?

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