Friday, January 27, 2012

Got any good recipes?

I got a crock pot for Christmas. Nothing fancy, but it's what I wanted. I've never had one before but was intrigued. Now I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to leave it on during the day if I'm not home AND I'm having a hard time finding 4-8 consecutive hours that I am home (except at night when I'm sleeping). I've done the hard part - I rearranged my cupboards to find a nice home for it, washed it out, and now it's there just waiting for me to use it.

My family aren't fancy eaters. We like chicken, we like beef, we like pork, we like potatoes, we like veggies, we like gravy. My hubby isn't big on soups - he says 'Soup is something you eat with a meal, it's not supposed to be the meal.' My daughter and I, though, would quickly disagree.

Does anyone have any good recipes to send my way? Something simple, limited ingredients, something I could try preparing on a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon after church? I seriously don't want my new crock pot to end up like my exercise videos in the cabinets ... bought with the best of intentions, but never to be heard from or seen again.


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  1. BBQ pulled pork or chicken. Meatballs for Super Bowl eating. Beef stew. Just some thoughts.