Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What are your 'cages'?

First I must apologize. I haven't blogged for nearly 2 weeks. Life, as I know it, has been extremely busy. Work, family life, my teenager's extra-curricular schedule of activities, etc. etc. It's funny, I apologize as if there are people out there who are actually sitting by their computers and staring at their wall calendars saying 'OMG ... it's been nearly 2 weeks since Jennifer posted a new blog entry. I hope she's o.k.' So now I've just made both of us laugh. :)

Sure ... I blog in hopes that someone else will read it and perhaps relate. I blog in hopes that maybe someone will post a comment and share an insight. But to be totally honest, I blog for myself. It settles me when I'm feeling overwhelmed. It gives me clarity when I'm trying to work something out in my mind. And most importantly, it just plain makes me feel good.

Recently I was having a conversation with someone about a book they'd read for a class. The author talked about people dealing with 'cages' in their lives. Cages hold things back, they create obstacles, and they can get in the way. When you relate that thought process to people and goals one must first ask themself if there is something they've always wanted to do or some goal they've set for themselves to accomplish. Then you ask yourself if you've been able to achieve it. If not ... why not? What is holding you back? What are the cages in your life?

I've been thinking about my goals and what 'cages' have been holding me back. Then I've wondered if my 'cages' have just been excuses that I've made up or are they real? I think there is probably a little bit of truth in both options. Some cages have probably been imaginary on my part. After all, if I put off doing something because of an excuse, then ultimately I can't fail at my goal, right? On the other hand, lack of time and focus aren't always my fault, there are these things called responsibilities and life that can slow me down through no choice of my own.

So for now it appears my biggest cage is clarity. I need to determine for myself exactly what my goals are, and how and when I want to get there.

What are some of your goals and what cages are getting in your way?

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