Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July Is Almost Here

Time seems to be going by so fast these days. When we were kids we complained after 15 minutes of not doing anything that we were bored. Now ... I would give just about anything to have 15 minutes when nothing needed to be done. My boss is always telling me that Sunday is supposed to be the Sabbath and we're not supposed to do any work. That we should sit back, do nothing, relax, and just reflect. That sounds great, in theory, but when you work all week AND you're married AND you're a parent AND you have a house that needs cleaning AND you have a family that expects to eat ... well let's just say my heart may want to take a break and relax, but my mind tells me to 'get up and do something'.

I guess we can say that I'm still a work in progress. Hopefully we can all admit that we deal with that dilemma from time to time. But if you've somehow managed a way to get it all together and actually take Sundays off, PLEASE let me know your secret. This week I was actually pretty excited and anxious to tell my boss that after church last Sunday I spent the better part of the day weeding my garden, pruning my overgrown perennials, and applying Miracle Grow to 'everything' outside except for my daughter (she doesn't need it since she's already 5+ inches taller than me ... lol). He sure knew how to burst my bubble when he responded with 'That doesn't count ... you're supposed to do nothing.' I definately felt a bit defeated. I responded with 'Why doesn't it count? I wasn't doing things on my TO DO list. I was doing stuff I enjoyed and that made me happy.' Did I mention I was on the debate team for 2 years in high school and actually made it to the State Finals? (I'll admit that I had a really good debate partner, but despite myself I learned a lot in the process.) Needless to say I think I made a good case for myself. I think we finally agreed that while I wasn't exactly doing nothing (and sorry to say I have a sunburned back to prove it) I was taking a break from the normal routine, which for me was a step in the right direction.

This week wraps up the month of June and this weekend brings with it a 4-day weekend and the 4th of July. As usual, I have things to do and things that need to get done, but I'm hoping that with the extra days thrown in I can take Sunday off. Perhaps pour myself a big glass of iced tea, sit on my patio, read my library book and enjoy the fruits of my labor ... I must admit my flower gardens look the best they've looked in a really long time.

I hope you manage to get some well-deserved R&R this weekend as well. But while you're celebrating the holiday with family or friends, please be responsible with fireworks (I saw a garage burn down last year when someone made a poor decision) and keep in mind the reason why we actually celebrate Indepedence Day. I have a nephew currently serving in Afghanistan who is away from his family fighting for the rights that many of us take for granted.

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