Thursday, February 17, 2011

Signs of an early spring?

This chilly photo shows what my backyard looked like just about a week ago. While it's very beautiful and I was even able to capture the actual snow falling from the sky ... today it reached the mid 50's. I could be optimistic or even naive and think that spring is just around the next corner. Unfortunately the reality of it is that today was nothing more than a glimpse. A glimpse of things to come, but not yet here. Today is Thursday and by the weekend it will be back in the 30s, wet and chilly. But I will have the memory of today when I REFUSED to wear my winter coat and gloves ... it's a matter of principle after all. By tomorrow I will have my winter coat back on - probably for another 4 weeks or so. Some might react negatively and say that the last two days have been nothing more than a cruel tease. I'm more of a 'the glass is half full' kind of gal. I prefer to think that the warmer temperatures came at just the right time and helped to melt the ice dam over my front porch caused by the high roof lines and the foot of accumulated snow.

Sure it would be nice if spring were already here, but for now we will have to settle for the temporary reprieve of walking like penguins across the parking lots ... although you have to admit it is kind of humorous to watch.

I think this time of year when the snow piles are several feet high, putting salt down on your sidewalk has become part of the daily routine, and the fact that we're all tired of explaining to visitors why the snow on the side of the roads is dirty brown ... well it's just signs that we're nearing the end of another Michigan winter season and we're anxious and ready for spring to arrive. We're ready for the snow to melt and the grass to green up. But every season has its highs and lows. In the winter some of us will get cold and tired of the icy roads, in the spring someone undoubtedly will complain about all the pretty flowers causing their allergies to flair up, and in the summer someone will whine about their electric bill being too high from running their air conditioner. Notice I didn't mention autumn? That's because I can't imagine any one ever saying anything bad about it. The leaves on the trees will have so many vibrant colors that they'll look like an artist's canvas and no one will be able to complain that it's too hot or too cold outside.

There is a saying that says 'there's a reason for every season' and I suppose it's true. So while it's only the middle of February my advice to you is to just hang in there. Spring will be here soon enough, but never forget to enjoy today for what it is.